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Data Sheet: The VLX Large Scale Transfection System
Data Sheet: The VLX Large Scale Transfection System

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The MaxCyte® VLX™ Large Scale Transfection System is a small-footprint, easy-to-use instrument specifically designed for extremely large volume transient transfection in a sterile, closed transfection environment. Using proprietary flow electroporation technology, the MaxCyte VLX can transfect up to 2x1011 cells in less than 30 minutes with high cell viability and transfection efficiencies in a sterile, closed transfection environment. This cGMP-compliant system is ideal for the rapid production of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors, vaccines & VLPs from the bench through cGMP pilots and commercial manufacturing.

The unique capabilities of the MaxCyte VLX allow researchers to:

What if you could produce a gram of protein without constructing a single stable cell line?

The MaxCyte VLX Large Scale Transfection System can transiently transfect from 5x105 to 2x1011 cells providing maximum processing flexibility with robust, high quality results. Optimized electroporation protocols designed specifically to maximize protein expression enable gram scale production from even historically difficult-to-transfect cells such as CHO and Vero cells. The MaxCyte VLX uniquely meets the speed, reproducibility and safety needed for manufacturing of human therapeutics and makes protein production via transient transfection a viable alternative to the development of stable cell lines.
Volume of Cells
380 mL
1 L
Number of Cells
3.8 x 1010
2.2 x 1010
Cell Viability
EPO Production
(IU/106 cells)
High-quality Transfection using the MaxCyte VLX. Cells grown in a 25L WAVE Bioreactor™ were harvested, washed and resuspended in MaxCyte electroporation buffer. Cells were transfected via flow electroporation using the MaxCyte VLX at the designated volumes with either an eGFP or EPO-IRES-eGFP expression vector. Cell viability, GFP expression and erythropoietin (EPO) production were assessed.

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