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Flow Electroporation for Vaccine Development and Production: From Subunit Vaccines to Ex Vivo Immunotherapy

MaxCyte flow electroporation is a universal, clinically validated transient transfection platform for rapid, high-quality cell transfection. Flow electroporation enables (co)transfection of a wide range of cells with DNA, RNA, proteins, or cell lysates using single-use processing assemblies for cGMP, “plug-and-play” manufacturing of recombinant proteins and vaccines. This technology combines superior performance, broad applicability, and ease of use with the capacity to transfect up to 2E11 cells in under 30 minutes, creating a fully scalable, highly reproducible, and regulatory-compliant transfection method. No other single expression system—stable cells, baculoviruses, lipid- or chemical-based transient transfection—offers the ability to develop and manufacture the full complement of next-generation vaccines, including therapeutic antibodies and antibody-like molecules, subunit vaccines, virus-like particles (VLPs), virus-like replicon particles (VRPs), and viral vectors, as well as ex vivo cellular immunotherapies such as CAR engineering and dendritic cell loading. This technical note reviews MaxCyte flow electroporation and its applications in the development and production of vaccines and cellular immunotherapies.

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