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Accelerating Discovery and Development: Reducing Risk with High Performance Transfection of the Right Cell for the Right Application

To remain competitive in today’s world, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies must quickly identify, develop, and bring candidates to market with high efficiency at the lowest cost The need for speed and improved patient care drive companies to conduct their discovery and development programs in ways that will provide the greatest predictability and likelihood of success. Whether small molecule drugs, therapeutic proteins, or vaccines, a commonality in the development and manufacturing of all candidates is the need for exogenous protein expression, be it for applications in basic research, high throughput screening, or protein production. MaxCyte electroporation represents a high performance, highly flexible transient transfection platform that allows for scalable transfection of a large variety of cell types, including primary and difficult-totransfect cells, to generate proteins and modified cells for all these discovery, development, and production needs. This technical note presents case studies in which companies sought to develop biologically relevant systems using MaxCyte flow electroporation to accelerate discovery and development and improve the quality of the their therapeutic candidates.

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