Nuclear Receptor Assay

High Performance Nuclear Receptor Assays with Maximum Flexibility


Rapidly develop and perform your nuclear receptor assays using high performance (co)transfection. MaxCyte Flow Electroporation™ Technology easily scales taking you from assay development through screening. Use transfected cells immediate for rapid assay turnaround or cryopreserve cells for future use.

  • Rapid, high quality (co)transfection
  • Proven performance in reporter gene-based nuclear receptor assays
  • Able to use biologically relevant cell systems
  • Rapid assay development
  • Large scale transfection for high throughput agonist or antagonist screening



Scalable Transfection for Easy Assay Scale Up


Dual Plasmid Nuclear Receptor Assay. U2OS cells were co-transfected using small- or large-scale electroporation with DNA containing a 1:1 mixture of a nuclear receptor protein expression plasmid and a luciferase reporter plasmid. Transfected cells were plated in 96 well plates and treated with varying concentrations of a known agonist. Luciferase activity was measured the following day.

Create Assay Ready Cells Through Cryopreservation

Jurkat cells were co-transfected with a reporter plasmid in which luciferase was expressed from a minimal promoter containing multiple GAL4 UAS sequences and with an activator plasmid encoding a constitutively expressed fusion protein in which a GAL4 DNA binding domain was linked to a nuclear receptor ligand binding domain. Transfected cells transfected were plated in 384-well plates immediately after electroporation (fresh cells) or cryopreserved and plated after thawing (frozen cells).  Cells were treated with varying concentrations of a known inhibitor immediately after plating, and luciferase activity measured following a 5 hour incubation. Calculated IC50 values for a reference nuclear receptor inhibitor were comparable for both cell populations.


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