Cell/Gene Therapy

Accelerating the Discovery, Development and Manufacturing of Your Cell-based Medicines


We pioneered the development of a non-viral cell-engineering platform more than 16 years ago for the delivery of biomolecules that fulfills the stringent demands of clinical use – namely the ability to safely and reproducibly modify primary human cells with high efficiency, low cytotoxicity, and at the scale required to treat patients. Today, our delivery platform is making cell and gene therapy a reality.

  • The only cell-engineering solution that scales from bench to bedside
  • Generates cell therapies with enhanced potency and efficacy
  • Increased safety with minimal toxicity
  • Clear regulatory pathway for streamlined development
  • One commercial immunotherapy, 15+ licenses for clinical development & 40+ partnered programs



NK cell-engineering


Gene editing

Regenerative medicine

Dendritic cell loading

Stem cell engineering

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