Cell Line Development

Streamlined Migration to Stable Protein Expression for Accelerated Development Timelines


Quickly transition to stable protein expression using our delivery platform for the generation of quality stable pools and high-yield stable cell lines.

  • High cell viability and transfection efficiency lead to faster cell recovery
  • Generation of high-yield stable clones in <8 weeks
  • Stable pools enriched for high producers require screening of fewer clones
  • Conduct stable cell line generation simultaneously with transient production for significantly compressed timelines



High  Cell Viability Enables Faster Cell Recovery During Selection


Twelve independent CHO cell transfections were performed – four via chemical transfection which are shown in green, and eight via MaxCyte small-scale electroporation, which are shown in red and blue. Half of the transfections for each method were for the expression of full IgGs (Ab #1 and Ab #2), while the other half were for the expression of Fc fragments (Fc #1 and Fc#2).  Two of the four chemical transfections did not fully recover, with almost complete cell loss at day 16 post transfection.  Cells from all eight MaxCyte transfection recovered eight days earlier than chemically-transfected cells.

Generation of Stable Cell Lines in <8 Weeks



A stable CHO cell pool expressing a hIgG was generated within two weeks of electroporation. 479 clones were screened following limited dilution cloning. The top clone was selected for production within six weeks post transfection.

Generation of  Quality, High-Yield Stable Clones



Less than 500 clones were screened and the top clone was selected for a 21-day production culture carried out in shake flasks as a fed-batch.

Equivalent Quality & Glyco-form Content of Transiently & Stably Produced Antibody 

A hIgG molecule was expressed transiently in CHO-S cells using the MaxCyte STX. A stable cell line was generated from an aliquot of the transiently transfected cells by subjecting cells to antibiotic selection, followed by limited dilution cloning. A). SDS-PAGE gel analysis B.) Glyco-form analysis.

Streamlined Development Using Simultaneous Transient and Stable Protein Expression



From a single MaxCyte Scalable Transfection System electroporation cells can be immediately used to transiently produce grams of protein and an aliquot used to begin stable cell line development. Thus, candidate identification and characterization can be conducted using transient material while simultaneously generating stable cell lines.

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