Protein Production

Accelerating Your Biotherapeutic Discovery, Development and Biomanufacturing Using Transient Gene Expression


Rapidly produce proteins and antibodies in your biomanufacturing host to rapidly identify and characterize top candidates without the time or cost of stable cell line development. Enjoy the ultimate in production system flexibility, performance and scalability that supports R&D through cGMP pilots and toxicology studies.

  • Scalable transfection systems and scientific support to ensure your success
  • Use your cell type of interest to identify the right candidate faster
  • No special reagents, cells or media required
  • Plasmid to high-quality protein within days
  • Milligram to grams of protein from a single transfection
  • Superior transfection efficiency and cell viability


Recombinant proteins

Full IgGs

Bispecific antibodies

Fc fusions and fragments

MaxCyte’s technology is superior to other electroporation techniques.

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