General Protein Production

Rapid, High Titer Protein Production


Enjoy the ultimate in production system flexibility without sacrificing performance. Rapidly produce from milli- to multi-gram quantities of proteins from a single transient transfection in the right manufacturing host cell without waiting for stable cell line development.

  • Express secreted, membrane-associated or cytoplasmic proteins
  • High efficiency, high viability transfection of CHO, HEK, Vero, NS0, insect and other cell types commonly used for protein production
  • Plasmid to high-quality protein within days
  • Eliminates the need for baculovirus and/or the generation of stable cell lines
  • Computer-controlled system for reproducible results



High Cell Viability Translates to High Titer Protein


CHO cells were transfected with a gp145 expression plasmid via small-scale electroporation (8×107 cells), large-scale electroporation (2×109 cells) or a customer’s optimized PEI process. Transfected cells were inoculated into shake flasks at the same density and cultured for 10 days

Superior Production of Non-therapeutic Recombinant Proteins


CHO-K1 cells were transfected with a plasmid encoding a recombinant protein via MaxCyte electroporation (three independent runs), lipid reagents, a polymer or a research-scale electroporation (EP) instrument and were cultured in 125 mL shake flasks for up to 10 days post transfection.


High Titer Protein Production From Insect Cells


Higher expression of secreted protein from insect cells are seen using electroporation vs. PEI or a reference stable cell line. SL3 insect cells were transfected via small-scale electroporation with a plasmid encoding a secreted protein expressed via a baculovirus-derived promoter. Secreted protein titers generated with MaxCyte transfected cells greatly exceeded titers produced by PEI transfected cells, and surpassed titers from a stably transfected cell line expressing the same protein.

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