CAR Therapies


MaxCyte has developed a novel and proprietary platform for next-generation chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-engineered T/NK-cell therapies. Our CAR platform provides several unique attributes versus existing autologous CAR-T products and platforms.

First, MaxCyte’s CAR platform offers the potential to deliver therapy to the patient in a fraction of the time with less complexity of other autologous CAR-T products. This is due to a more streamlined manufacturing process without the complexity of virus-based products.

Second, Maxcyte’s unique CAR autologous cell therapies are differentiated from traditional CAR therapy by its use of human messenger RNA (mRNA) to engineer the immune cells that are delivered back into a patient, without the need for a viral component. Our platform provides for transient expression, as shown in preclinical studies, to control the adverse side-effects seen in first-generation, viral-based CAR therapies.

We will study our first CAR drug candidate in mesothelin-expressing tumors. This product candidate, MCY-M11, employs repeat infusions of mesothelin-specific human mRNA CAR-transfected into PBMCs (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) to permit “controlled persistence.” Early non-clinical testing has provided preliminary evidence of the anti-tumor activity of this drug.

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