Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Europe

June 5 - June 7, 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Dr. Jonas Helma-Smets, Group Leader Tubulis Technologies, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany

Title: Making use of smart biology for the development of next-generation ADCs

To overcome existing limitations in Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) development, Tubulis Technologies is utilizing a new enzymatic bioconjugation system, called Tub-tag®, with unique biological features for highly stable, site-specific ADCs. A new thiol-selective antibody conjugation approach was also developed, termed P5 conjugation, with strongly increased ADC linker stability compared to previous approaches. In this talk we will describe these novel approaches to ADC development in addition to improved cell engineering techniques for enhanced results.

Maximizing Productivity and Data Relevance with a Scalable, Non-viral Cell Engineering Technology
Peer Heine, Joseph Abad, Weili Wang, Rama Shivakumar, Krista Steger and James Brady

Protein-based therapeutics have revolutionized the treatment of cancer. However, the need to produce complex biologics with limited resources and shortened timelines has created a demand for technologies that can express multiple therapeutic moieties in a range of cell types and culture processes. This poster describes the use of MaxCyte’s flow electroporation-based delivery platform for rapid, transient production of antibodies and antibody-like molecules in a range of host cells. Emphasis will be placed on the use of large-scale transient transfection for optimizing media and feed strategies in batch fed cultures using multiple CHO cell lines. Data on protein titers and cell viability will be shared to illustrate how a flexible transfection platform enables the development of optimized production processes and thereby improves productivity, reduces costs, and streamlines the development of biotherapeutics.

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