April 8 - April 12, 2019
Boston, MA

The Essential Protein Engineering Summit is the industry’s preeminent event that inspires innovative biotherapeutic protein drug development.

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30 min presentation: Wednesday, April 10, Luncheon Presentation in Optimizing CHO-based Expression
Title: Generation of High-Yielding Stable Pools Expressing Difficult Target Proteins Through Maxcyte’s Scalable Transfection System®
Presenter: Kevin Guay, Jounce Therapeutics
Luncheon Session II: 1:25pm-1:55pm in Room Cityview 2

2 Posters:

  1. Strategies for Improved Protein Expression, Production Timelines and Laboratory Productivity Using
    CHO Cell Transient Expression
  2. CRISPR-based Engineering of CHO Cell Lines
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