Processing Assemblies

Our Scalable Transfection Systems are based on the only cell-engineering technology capable of scaling from early-stage R&D to patient treatment.


Small- and large-scale MaxCyte cell-engineering are both conducted in sterile, single use processing assemblies, eliminating the potential for contamination from one transfection to the next. The choice of processing assembly is determined by transfection volume and the number of cells to be electroporated. A single proprietary electroporation buffer is used for all cell types.


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OC-100100µL volume, 0.5 x 106 to 2 x 107
OC-400400µL volume, 2 x 106 to 8 x 107
CL-1.13.5mL volume, 1.5 x 107 to 7 x 108
CL-210mL to 100mL volume, 5 x 10to 2 x 1010
VLXD100mL to 1,000 mL volume, 1 x 1010 to 2 x 1011 


Catalog NumberDescription
SOC-1Processing Assembly, OC-100 100 uL, Pack of 10, with Electroporation Buffer, STX
SOC-4Processing Assembly, OC-400 400-uL, Pack of 10, with Electroporation Buffer, STX
SCL-1Processing Assembly, CL-1.1 3.5 mL, each with Electroporation Buffer, STX
SCL-2Processing Assembly, CL-2 Flow, each with Electroporation Buffer, STX
EPB-1Electroporation Buffer, 100-mL
EPB-5Electroporation Buffer, 500-mL
GOC-1Clinical Processing Assembly, OC-100 100-uL, Pack of 10, CTX
GOC-4Clinical Processing Assembly, OC-400 400-uL, Pack of 10, CTX
GCL-1Clinical Processing Assembly, CL-1.1 3.5-mL, each, CTX
GCL-2Clinical Processing Assembly, CL-2 Flow, each, CTX
VLXDProcessing Assembly, Flow, VLX, Each with Electroporation Buffer

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