High-level Production of Antibody Derivatives and Alternative Antibody Isotypes Using Scalable Cell Engineering Bolstering Therapeutic Efficacy and Speed to Clinic Using Non-viral T- & NK-cell Engineering CRISPR-mediated targeted genome editing & extending the reach of transient expression using Scalable Electroporation Technology Production & Functional Characterization of Bispecifics and Other Novel Antibody Derivatives Using Scalable, Regulatory-compliant Cell Engineering Getting the Most from Your Manufacturing Cell Line: Reducing the Time and Cost of Progressing to the Clinic Using MaxCyte’s Delivery Platform. GMP-compliant Non-viral CRISPR-mediated Process Correcting the Sickle Cell Disease Mutation in SCD Patient CD34+ Cells Achieves 60% Wild Type Adult Hemoglobin Expression in Differentiated Erythrocytes. Advancing Next Generation Cell and Gene Therapies to the Clinic Using Non-viral, Scalable Engineering and Genome Modification of Human Primary Cells, Stem Cells and iPSCs. Bolstering Therapeutic Efficacy and Speed to Clinic Using Non-viral T-cell Engineering. Bolstering Therapeutic Efficacy and Speed to Clinic Using Non-viral T- & NK-cell Engineering. Maximizing Productivity and Data Relevance with a Scalable, Non-viral Cell Engineering Technology High Yield Transient and Stable Protein Production Using CHO Cell Line of Choice: From Transient Transfection to CHO Genome Modification and Cell Line Development Generation of Assay-ready Cells and Functional Cell-based Assays for Ion Channels and Transporters Using MaxCyte’s Universal Cell Engineering Platform Fast Tracking Biotherapeutic Development via Flow Electroporation™ Technology for Large Scale Transient Expression and Cell Line Generation Using Your CHO Cell Line of Choice Fast Tracking Biotherapeutic Development Using Flow Electroporation Technology for Large-scale Transient Expression, Cell Line Generation and Genome Modification Efficient Cell Line Development and Genome Modification Using Flow Electroporation™ Technology Clinical-Meaningful Level CRISPR-Oligomer-Mediated Correction of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) Using Non-viral, cGMP Compliant, Scalable, and Closed System Rapid Vaccine Development & Biomanufacturing Using a Scalable, Non-viral Delivery Platform for Cell Engineering Rapid and Stable Protein Production with Consistent Quality to Accelerate Biotherapeutic Development Regulatory Sciences for Biologics & Vaccines High-level Transient Production of IgGs, Bi-specific T-cell Engaging (BITE) Molecules & Fc Fragments with the Quality, Glycosylation & Functionality Required for Use as Surrogates for Stably Produced Proteins Fast Tracking Early Biotherapeutic Development & Clinical Manufacturing Using Flow Electroporation Technology for Streamlining Migration from Transient Expression to Stable Cell Line Generation Transiently Produced IgGs, Bi-specifics & Fc Fragments with the Quality, Glycosylation & Functionality Required for Use as Surrogates for Stably Produced Proteins in Early-stage Discovery Accelerated Generation of Stable Pools & High-yield, Robust Stable Cell Lines Using MaxCyte Electroporation MaxCyte Scalable Electroporation: A Universal Cell Engineering Platform for Development of Cell-based Medicines from R&D to Clinic Scalable Antibody Production from CHO Cell Line of Choice Using Flow Electroporation Lentivirus and AAV Production in Suspension and Adherent Cells with MaxCyte Flow Electroporation High-titer Transient Protein Expression in CHOZN®Cells Optimization of Transient Transfection of CHO cells. A comparison between transfection efficiency utilizing PEI vs. an electroporation transient transfection system Shortening the Timeline for Drug Development by Enabling Large-Scale TGE in CHO Cells and High Producing Stable CHO Cell Line Using the Right Cell for the Right Application: Expanding the Role of Transient Transfection Using Flow Electroporation to Find More Relevant Candidates and Shorten the Antibody Development Timeline CAR mRNA loaded freshly isolated peripheral blood lymphocytes as rapid, targeted tumor immunotherapy Protein Production in Insect Cells: Flow Electroporation, a Superior Alternative to Baculovirus Expression Simple and Effective Generation of Cell-based Assays for Ion Channels, Transporters, and Kinase Screening in Biologically Relevant Cells Using Scalable Transient Transfection Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) messenger RNA (mRNA) loaded freshly isolated peripheral blood lymphocytes as a point-of-care targeted tumor immunotherapy cGMP-Compliant, Clinical Scale, Non-viral Platform for Efficient Safe-Harbor Site-specific Gene Editing using CRISPR/Cas9 Scalable, High-Yield Protein Production via Flow Electroporation: Expanding the Use of Transient Gene Expression in Biotherapeutic Development Universal, Fully Scalable Transfection Platform for Production of Complex or Difficult-to-Express Proteins: Superior Performance over Other Transfection Methods & Expression Systems Optimization of CHO Transient Gene Expression (TGE) for Multi-Gram Level Antibody Production: Effects of Expression Construct, Post Transfection Cell Density and Feed Conditions Development of Fully Scalable Reporter Gene Assays for Studying Transcriptional Regulation & Receptor Activation using Flow Electroporation Electroporation as a Cell Transfection Method for High Content Molecular Translocation Assay Assay Development for Epigenetic Regulation of Histone 3 Lysine 36 Methylation using AlphaLISA Multivalent dendritic cell vaccines designed to concurrently enhance class I mediated antigen presentation, dampen regulatory T cell activation, and modulate paracrine immune signaling Rapid generation of cells for ion channel assays: efficient, large-scale transfection using the MaxCyte® STX™ system, convenient cell culture using Corning® HYPERFlask™ vessels, and robust target activity assayed by the Sophion QPatch Enabling rapid and sensitive GPCR assay development with the MaxCyte® STX™ Scalable Transfection System and the Codex ACTOne biosensor technology Advancing High Throughput Screening of CFTR Modulators with Human Epithelial Cell Lines

Advancing High Throughput Screening of CFTR Modulators with Human Epithelial Cell Lines

Presented by Flatley Discovery Lab - National Cystic Fibrosis Conference

October 2011

GPCR and Ion Channel Functional Receptor Expression: Rapid & Reproducible Transient Transfection using a Scalable Electroporation Technology High Throughput Transfection of Stem Cells, Primary Cells and Difficult-to-Transfect Cell Lines: Jurkat, CHO, Human Skeletal Muscle Cells & Primary Neuronal Cell Transfection using a Scalable, Electroporation-Based Technology

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