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Improving NK Cell-based Cancer Immunotherapy via mRNA Electroporation
December 2017

High Transfection Efficiency of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Their Derivatives
November 2017

Targeted Locus Amplification for Transgene Sequencing in rCHO Clones Expressing Therapeutic Lysosomal Enzyme
October 2017

Decoding Transcriptional Regulation by Genome-Wide Reporter Assays and Large-Scale Transfection
June 2017

Solving Problems in the Production of Complex Proteins and Other Biologics
May 2017

CRISPR-mediated Mutation Correction of Hematopoietic Stem Cells from Patients with X-linked Chronic Granulomatous Disease Using Non-Viral Cell Engineering
March 2017

Rapid Cell Line Development and Efficient Genome Modification using Scalable Electroporation
February 2017

Synergizing Transient and Stable Protein Expression for Accelerated Biotherapeutic Development
November 2016

Shock and Awe – High throughput functional annotation of human ion channel variants using electroporation and automated electrophysiology
September 2016

Case Study: An Exploration of Transiently vs. Stably Produced Proteins from CHOZN Cells
November 2015

Accelerating Product Development: from Transient Transfection to Stable Pools and Stable Clones
May 2014

Large Scale, CHO Transient Transfection and Rapid Generation of CHO Stable Clones: >1 gram/Liter Antibody Titers Within 2 Weeks and High Yield Stable Clones in Under 8 Weeks.
June 2013

Streamlining HTS: Ion Channel, GPCR, and Transporter Assays in Biologically Relevant Cells using Large Scale Transfection
April 2013

Transient Transfection of Biologically Relevant Cells: CEVEC CAP-T™ technology for High Yield Expression of Proteins in Human-Derived Cells
December 2012

Producing Gram Scale Quantities of Antibodies and Proteins Using MaxCyte® Transient Transfection
March 2012

Improve Transfection of Ion Channels for Cell-Based Assays
January 2010

Improve Transfection of Ion Channels and Other Targets for Cell Based Assays
June 2009

Stunningly Simple Cell Transfection! Reduce Timelines & Improve Quality for Your Cell Based Drug Discovery
December 2008


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